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What type of hair do you have?



Do you have thick or thin hair?



Choose the most accurate description of your hair
It’s hard for water to saturate my hair when washing
My hair tends to look healthy, shiny, or glossy
My hair tends to be frizzy and dry



Is your hair colored or chemically treated?



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What hair product should I use

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What hair product should you use quiz

What hair product should you use quiz

Finding the right hair product that can take care of your hair and make it look healthy and strong is no easy task. There are tons of hair products on the market, and all write claims about what their product can do for your hair. 

We've made it easy for you. What hair product should you use quiz is a shopping assistant powered by Smart Shopping Technology. By answering the questions that ask you about your hair, we'll able to narrow down the hunt for the right product. At the end you'll be presented with the perfect hair product for you.

Hair product quiz

This hair product quiz for made to make it easier to choose the right hair product for you by using a quiz-like way of narrowing down your options. This is an easy and quick way of shopping. No longer do you need to waddle through hundreds, if not thousands of products, to find the best suitable hair product for you.

How does the hair product quiz work?

We've handpicked all of the products ourselves. That means that only the best reviewed and trusted brands are in this hair product quiz. 

You simply answer a few questions which will determine what hair product you should use - the quiz way!

If you like to find out about how we manage to narrow it down, please read on.

What is hair porosity?

Hair porosity is about how well your hair can absorb and retain moisture. We often split hair porosity into three categories:

Low porosity

If your hair have trouble getting wet or it's hard for water to saturate your hair, you might have low porosity hair. Does it take a long time for your hair to air dry? If you put hair products in, does it absorb easily or no? If the answer to that is no then you probably have low porosity

Medium porosity

If your hair is medium porosity then your hair is able to retain moisture and water can easily penetrate it. You know your hair is medium porosity if it 's easy to style and can take color well. Also if your hair looks shiny and healthy, you can be pretty sure it's not low or high porosity.

High porosity

if your hair easily brakes or it looks frizzy and dry you might have high porosity hair. Other signs include; your hair easily air dry and can absorb moisture and water easily. 

How do you check which type you got?

Make sure your hair is clean, dry and contains no products. Fill up a glass of water and place on strand of your hair in the water.

If it sinks

Your hair is probably high porosity because of the water penetrating the strand easily.

If it floats

Your hair is low porosity because the water cannot easily saturate the strand of hair.

If it floats somewhat in the middle

Your hair is most likely medium porosity.

hair product quiz

Is your hair think or thin?

Not everyone is blessed with ultra thick hair that looks gorgeous. If you have thin hair you might know the struggles with finding the best volumizing products to get that thick fluffy look.

Besides making your hair look healthy and shiny, you might also want the product to make you hair look thicker. What you're looking for is a hair product that does two things.

With our hair product quiz, we've also taken this into account. Got thin hair? No problem. We'll match you up with the right hair product for you by using the quiz

Is your hair color-treated?

If so you need to take care to keep the color looking fresh and shiny. Which also mean you should hair product that helps with that. Our quiz for what hair product is best for you also takes this into account .

Some ingredients which help to protect your hair from environment dangers are Vitamin C, bioflavonoids, and quinoa protein. This trio does really help in keeping your color looking vibrant for a long time.

There are also hair products which a geared towards a special color, like blonde. So if you bleached your hair blonde, you might take a look at those options.


There are a lot of factors to consider when choosing the right hair product for you, luckily we've made it easy with our quiz on what hair product you should use. Navigating the waters of hair products can be hit or miss. You might accidentally buy a product you thought was going to work on your hair but failed miserably.

That's why you should head up to the top of the page and try our hair product quiz for easy guidance.

If you want more beauty care tips, you can try our skin care product quiz.

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