Which operating system do you prefer?



What will you mostly use the computer for?
School or work
Creative work
Various entertainment



Will you be connecting this computer to a WiFi network?



Would you consider yourself tech-savvy?
Yes, I am
No, I'm not



Does the size of the computer matter to you?
No, I don't mind
Yes, smaller is better



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What computer should I buy QUIZ - Desktop

what computer should I buy quiz

How a quiz can help you buy a computer

Our computer quiz is perfect for you who want to quickly find the right desktop PC for your needs in a very short time. The quiz will automatically sort through different kinds of computers based on your answers.

The quiz to help you buy the perfect computer for you. Utilizing our smart shopping technology, we will guide you through the myriads of computers out there to help you find the right one for your needs.

Are you looking for a laptop instead? Try our laptop finder quiz instead.

What are your computer needs?

A computer that is capable of "anything" might sound like the perfect machine, but your specific use case will dictate what specifications you should be looking for. For example: if gaming and video editing are on your to-do list then a fast processor or memory capacity may not matter as much; whereas those who wish to browse he web with minimal lag time and word process simple documents would find themselves in need of more RAM than their PC could hold!

Choose your preferred operating system

There are three different operating systems you can choose from when buying a laptop. Apple laptops run Mac OS, almost every other laptop on the market runs Microsoft Windows, and Google’s Chrome OS behaves more like a web browser with cloud-based software that doesn't need to be downloaded onto your device.

Choosing the hardware

Asking yourself what computer you should buy is a hard question for many. That's why our quiz can easily and quickly help you. If you prefer to read, then read on.

Processor - CPU

Intel processors are known to be the best on the market, but they also come with a higher price tag than AMD. However, what some don't know is that there's more variety in Intel chips because of their multi-core set up and hyperthreading - so it comes down to personal preference between both models.

The best desktop PCs are those that have a performance rating system from the manufacturer. It is important to make sure they offer enough power for your needs, so be mindful of what you're looking at when comparing features and prices!

Memory - RAM

Memory, or RAM, plays a big role in the speed and performance of your PC. The higher the memory capacity you have on hand, the better your machine will be performing overall - it's an important part of what holds everything together. Experts recommend at least 8 gigabytes for average use; however 16 GB offers much faster speeds when gaming or using power-intensive programs such as Photoshop (which often require more than 4 gigs).

Hard drive - Storage

There are many aspects of a hard drive to be considered when shopping around. The size and speed can vary greatly depending on your needs, with some green drives saving you money by using less power than others. Most motherboards now support RAID which allows for installation of more than one hard drive at once in order to increase the storage space or keep multiple backups safe from data degradation due to wear-and-tear over time.

Graphics card - GPU

If you don't play PC games with 3D graphics, then your video card shouldn't be a problem. Not only do they come in handy if you're into DirectX 11 and want at least 2 GB of dedicated memory; but for those who are just interested in accelerating non-3d tasks like Photoshop or Word - the budget cards will work as well! Always make sure to consider performance, output connectors (HDMI vs DVI), and version support when buying a new card.

If looking for something that supports DX11 while still giving high performing capabilities on other tasks such as gaming or running apps without any intensive requirements: go ahead and purchase an entry level GPU from either AMD's Polaris 10 series line up OR NVIDIA's GeForce GTX 1050

How often should you buy a new computer?

The decision to purchase a new computer is an important one. With many different reasons and situations that may call for it, this can be difficult because of the high costs involved in purchasing a brand-new machine as opposed to simply upgrading your current system with extra RAM or another component.

The best way to figure out what would work best according you will depend on factors such as whether you are doing more heavy lifting than before (such as video editing), if your old PC has slowed down drastically over time, or if there's anything else about which bothers you enough that makes being tied into 4 years worth waiting seems reasonable when compared against all other considerations.

Using a quiz to buy a computer

Using a quiz to buy a computer

Using a quiz can be a timesaving option for choosing the right computer for you. 

It's quick and easy, and will help you choose based on your answers in the quiz.

The questions asked are well thought out and represent the most common questions asked by consumers.

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