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Water Rowing Machine - Find the best one for you

best water rower

Are you looking for the almost perfect exercise equipment? Meet the water rowing machine, the best exercise equipment many would say. This machine will work out plenty of vital muscle groups and also give you a good calorie burn.

But wish is the best? And how do you choose which one suit your fitness level? Take our quiz at the top of the page to find out!

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What muscles does a water rowing machine work?

A water towing machine targets quite a few different muscle groups. The primary muscle group is your back, both your upper back (rhomboids) and mid back at either side of your torso (latissimus dorsi).

It will also work out other muscles such as the front and back of your thighs, biceps and forearms.

As you can see by using a water rowing machine, you can get a very god overall workout which targets a lot of different muscle groups. Not only does it work to increase certain muscles, but it’s also good as a cardio workout, so you’ll also burn quite a few calories while increasing your muscles.

Water rowing machines VS air rowers

A lot of people who are about to buy a rowing machine asks themselves this question. Should you go for a rower with a water tank or an air rower. Let’s take a look at the differences.

Water rower

As the name entails, this is a rowing machine were the medium for resistance is water. The water is placed in a tank at the front of the rower. The resistance naturally increased the faster you go. This means that it will have an infinite resistance level.

many prefer a water rower over the air for a more natural feel. It is also a bit more quieter. The downside is that it’s more bulkier so if you live in a very cramped apartment, this might not be the best choice for you.

Water tank for the rowing machine

You should also keep in mind to maintain the water in the tank to avoid a dirty tank. Use water with chlorine and keep refreshing the water periodically every 6 months or so.

If discolorations happens, use purification tablets at once. Or flush out the water and fill it with new clear water.

Air rower

Perhaps the most common one, air rower provide resistance by air flowing through the flywheel. The faster you row, the more resistance you will feel. If you go to a gym, air rowers are the most common type of rowing machines.

You might think a water rowing machine with actual water can mimic the real water feeling the best. However, the air rower gives you a more natural flowing motion and s preferred by professional rowers.

This kind of rower makes quite a bit more noise, so if that is something that is a deal breaker for you, I suggest you to choose the water rower.

Best water rowing machine for home use

The good thing about a water rowing machine is that no matter age, gender or fitness level, this type of workout is suited for everyone. So the question is then, which is the best water rowing machine for home use?

This depends mostly on your budget and space you have available in your home. Since a rowing machine is quite large, you would need a place to store it when it’s not in use. keep in mind that this type of rower can’t be compressed or folded, but you can however, raise it up vertically. This way you can store it upright against the wall or inside a large cabinet.

Waterrower has a selection of both wooden style rowers together with aluminium ones. I personally think the wooden hand-crafted water rowers looks fantastic. It will also stick out as much if you store it in your living room.

How much does a rowing machine costs?

You can get a few from $150 to $200 if your only goal is to get a light workout and you don’t weigh a lot. Just keep in mind that those are not the optimal ones if you have a goal in mind for your workout. Only go for this option if you want to try this kind of workout or simply want a light workout.

There is many good alternatives at the mid point, from $500 to about $800. Here you can get decent air rowing machines which is suited for people with a fitness goal in mind.

If you move up to $1000 and above, you’ll get a very good water rowing machine for those who wish to choose that type. You’ll also find air rowers which are built to last. Perfect option for those who need a good rowing alternative in the winter if you do such activities in the summer.

Best water rowing machine for you

How to use a rower

If you go to a gym, you’re likely to see people with different kind of techniques.

If the rowing machine let’s you adjust the resistance, start low at first. If you use a water rowing machine or and air rowing machine, then it will automatically adjust based on how fast you go.

Secure your feet with the straps.

Move up to the handles and grab it with an overhand grip.

Move back while holding the handle to your legs are straight with a slight bend. You should be leaning slightly more back than and upright position.

Move forward and bend your knees up to your best and then pull back again to the potion with straight legs. This is one full stroke.

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