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Standalone smartwatch

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Standalone smartwatch - Find the best one for you quiz


Having a smartwatch that do not rely on a smartphone can be a blessing. You can do mostly everything you would do on your smartphone from your wrist. Taking a jog? Leave your smartphone at home and connect your wireless earbuds to you watch and you’re ready to exercise with music. If someone calls you, you can simply answer the call from your wrist.

Let our quiz at the top of the page guide you to the best standalone smartwatch in 2020. We have handpicked the best watches from Amazon so you can be sure you’ll get quality.

Are you looking for a regular smartwatch? Try our smartwatch quiz or perhaps you want to try a fitness tracker finder?

What is a standalone smartwatch?

A standalone smartwatch is a watch that functions like a smartwatch but also has the ability to use sim card. Most smartwatches do not has this capability, but many people do want to be able to use cellular data on their watch.

The watch itself has a small pocket for placement of the sim card. With the sim card inside, you can make calls, send texts and use 4G data and even 5G for some watches that support that technology.

With a watch that function as a standalone smartwatch, you do not need to have a smartphone with you at all times. You can simply use your smartwatch as a phone and do most task as you would on a regular smartphone.

Which is the best standalone smartwatch with sim?

Best is often a subjective opinion. Everyone is different, that’s why we created this standalone smartwatch quiz at the top of the page. You got your needs and so do someone else, best for someone else do not necessarily means best for you.

Since not many popular manufacturers make these kind of watches, you have to look to other brands. Maybe some are not well known to you, but they are still as reliable as other brands such as Samsung, or Garmin.

Apple is one of the few popular once who ship their phones with cellular data. From Apple Watch 3 to Apple Watch 5 you’ll get a cellular smartwatch with high quality production as expected from such a brand.

Remember to shop for a watch that will give you what you need. If a long battery life is important to you, then check for that. If looks a more important than functionality, find on that looks best to you. You may need to sacrifice some features, because no smartwatch has it all.

What type of sim card can I use in a smartwatch?

Most standalone smartwatches are capable of using a nano sim. If you don’t have a nano sim, ask your provider to send you one.

With such a smartwatch you would also need a second sim card anyway. You use one for your smartwatch and another one for your watch.

Where can I buy one?

You can find these watches on Amazon as well as best buy and other internet retailers you may use.

Because smartwatches which are standalone are yet to be popular, you might struggle to find them in offline retail shops. Especially if you have an android phone and cannot use Apple Watches.

I know Amazon has some dodgy smartwatches straight from a factory in China which costs like 30 bucks. A good rule of thumb is to stay away from these products. Even if you see a lot of good reviews, do not fall for it. They might be fake reviews bought by the seller.

If you want quality you need to spend at least $150. That will give you a nice solid watch that won’t break after one week.

How to text and call

With a smartwatch that function as a standalone phone, you can easily call and text without your smartphone.

Texting might be troublesome because of the small real estate of the screen, but you can always use text-to-speech to compose a message.

A pair of wireless earbuds with a microphone is a must. With these you can simply pair them with the watch and have a normal conversation through your smartwatch.

Answering a call is a simple as touching the screen, just like you would with a normal smartphone.

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