My skin is...
Tight, flaky and scaly
Shiny and greasy
Balanced, clear and not sensitive
Dry in some spots and oily in other
Itchy and sometimes stings after using products



What is your biggest concern about your skin?
Wrinkles and dark spots
Uneven skin tones
Sun protection



Do you often get acne?



Which do you prefer?
With fragrance
Without fragrance



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Skin product

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Skin care product quiz

Skin care product quiz

How do you choose the right skin care product for your skin when there is so many different choices out there? Not all skin is the same and therefore you should take great care in choosing the right product for your skin. The last thing you want is to waste your money on some useless skin care that doesn't help at all, or worst case, make your skin look even worse.

That's why we give you this skin care product quiz to help you navigate all those products on the market. 

Choosing right skin care product with a quiz

How will this quiz help you find the right skin care for you? We've handpicked lots of products for your skin, all with their unique way of treating your skin. By going through a step-by-step process of answering questions related to your skin, we're able to find the right match for you - a skin care product which fit your type of skin. 

Determine your skin type

There are a few different skin types you can categories your skin as. This is an important step in finding the right product for you. 

Normal skin

your skin is considered normal if it's not particular sensitive, has small pores, and generally few imperfections on your face.

Oily skin

Oily skin can be a big problem for many. It leads to acne, blackheads, and clogged pores. Does your skin have any of these problems together with a shiny face? Then you probably have oily skin.

Dry skin

Dry skin can lead to flaky skin across your face as well as red, itchy patches in some areas. Your face might look dull and lifeless.

Combination skin

This type of skin is a combination of all or some of the above mentioned. You might be oily in some areas, for example your nose, and dry in other places.

What skin care product is best for me quiz

What skin care product is right for me?

Take into account all the above mentioned points to determine what type of skin your have. After you've correctly diagnosed your own skin, take a look at what ingredients and what the different skin care products claim they relieve. Some might be for oily skin, and other might be for dry skin. Be aware that their sales pitch might not be accurate, therefor you should take a look at the ingredients.

Ingredients for oily skin

For example Salicylic Acid is a great ingredient for oily skin. It penetrated deep into your pores and remove the access oil. Hyaluronic Acid & Glycerin is also a great combination for oily skin. It adds moisturizer to your skin without making it oily.

Ingredients for dry skin

For dry skin you should look for Ceramides. Ceramides acts like a layer and protects your skin against environment dangers like pollution that makes your skin dry. Vitamin E can also help to keep your skin moisturized throughout the day. This doesn't have to be in in just your skin care product. It can also be in the food you eat.

We know that looking through all the ingredients can be really confusing so that's why we made this skin care product quiz you can take at the top of the page. We took the trouble sorting out the best ones for each skin type so you don't have to.

What's your biggest complexion about your skin?

The answer for this question varies from person to person. But this is also an important question to determine the best product for your skin care quiz. 

You might be concerned about your uneven skin tone, or you also want a skin care product that protects you from the sun. Different products for skin care offers different claims of what they do besides moisturizing your skin. Some have anti-aging properties in them which can help with sagging skin or wrinkles.

What are some brands in our skin care quiz?


A well know brand for most people. Nivea is a German brand which was introduced first in 1911. With such a long and famed history, you can safely say that they know what they are doing when it comes to skin care.


Lancome is a French brand that is a part of L’Oreal luxury products. Their prices is at the higher end but in return you get a product which is ethically tested and you can rest assured that this is a worthwhile brand name to own in your skin care colelction.


Clinique is an American brand established in the year 1968. Besides making skin care products, they also produce makeup and other beauty products. All their products are free from fragrances.

Should you choose skin care with fragrance?

In our quiz for skin care, we ask this question because it's important not only for people with allergies, but also people with sensitive skin. Does your skin react to other products with perfume? Then you should probably choose skin care without fragrance.

The same goes for people with general sensitive skin as the fragrance can make your skin even more sensitive. You definitely don't want that from a product you spent money on.


As you might have noticed, it's not easy to find the right skin product for you. Luckily our skin care product quiz takes care of all your worries. Head up to the top of the page and try it out! We promise you won't be disappointed.

If you prefer to look for yourself, take the points discussed above into consideration and choose wisely. Good luck!

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