Should you buy a smartwatch or fitness tracker?

A large choice of wearables to help you keep fit are available, but should you pick a fitness tracker or smartwatch? This quick guide can help you.

One of the more recent developments in wearable technology is a watch that provides all the functionality you need on your wrist. Sporting features such as GPS, heart rate monitor and water resistance for up to 50 meters underwater, it’s an amazing device with plenty of practical uses while still being stylish enough to wear every day.

The fitness tracker has been supplanted by smartwatches like those from Fitbit or Samsung Gear S3 so there's no longer any clear divide between what each one does; they're just two different types of devices which do very similar things but have their own individual strengths and weaknesses.

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Difference in functionality

The difference between fitness trackers and smartwatches are the list of features they offer. Smart watches generally have all the same abilities as a fitness tracker, but also come with added benefits like heart rate sensor or built-in GPS for more accurate health tracking, along with coaching programs to help you stay on target during your workout session.

Battery life

The long and short of it is that fitness trackers have better battery life than the average smartwatch. Fitness trackers typically use smaller displays, which means they can last longer on a single charge. The one downside to this feature? Smartwatches are often more comfortable for everyday wear because most don't need as much room in order to function properly.

Think about the size

Fitness trackers are a nice alternative to big, bulky smartwatches. They're smaller and more compact for those who want something that is both convenient in size as well with tracking steps. Some people don't like wearing watches because of their bulkiness; but they still need something to tell them how many calories they burned or what the distance travelled was - fitness tracker can do just that!

Price difference

The most affordable smartwatches are all around the $200 mark, and if you’re looking for a little more bang for your buck, it would be best to look at fitness trackers. These will range in price depending on what features they have like how much storage or whether its cellular; however many popular ones such as Fitbit are significantly cheaper than their counterparts.

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