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Perfume finder for women

Which perfume is the right one for you? Does your current fragrance suit your style or personality? We’ve made the search for the right fragrance for you easy. By looking at data from research done on personality traits and fragrance, we’ve collected a heap of perfumes and grouped them. This ensures that you will find the ultimate perfume for you.

How to choose the right perfume

You might have asked yourself the question “is this really a perfume that fits me or this occasion?” By looking at different kinds of research done on fragrances, we’ve come up with a very easy way of finding a perfume that compliments you, or your personality.

There is a variety of different factors that come into play when choosing a perfume. You must think of where you will use it. Will it be a perfume you use daily at work, or will it be one that you use on special occasion? Do you feel an emotional connection to a scent?

perfume finderWhat different scents can reveal your true personality

There is an interesting link between different kinds of scents and personality traits in people. A research done by Dr. Alan R. Hirsc found that you can group people in different categories purely based on what kind of perfume they are wearing. The study had over 18 000 participants. If you know the scent someone is wearing, you can also know what kind of person her or he is. 

Let’s take a look at a few of these scents and see if you can relate.


linen – the fresh scent of laundry or cotton. If you’re a person who likes this kind of scent, you’re probably also drawn to challenges. You might run marathons or other activities that tests you both mentally and physically.


When someone walks by you and you smell the scent of sandalwood, you can be sure they are high-achieving. They often put their careers first and they aim for the top. Your typical perfectionist and a self-critic. Not to say those a bad traits. High-achieving women might be seen as goal-oriented, but they also have a compassionate side.


If lavender is your perfected perfume then you’re friends would probably describe you as a very loving person. Not only that, but you tend to keep your friends close and often greet them with a big warm hug.


Women who wear a rose scented fragrance are often cautious and sometimes introverted. They tend to way all options before making a decision and think clearly before they act.


As with vanilla, a jasmine wearing person is also very energetic. They love adventures and are quite the party animal. Someone might say they are too wild and careless at times.


The Different Types of Fragrances

In this perfume finder for women we have to take into consideration the different kinds of perfumes out there. Varying degree of concentration of fragrance determine the different kinds of perfumes on the market. Not every kind is used as a daily fragrance, some are more of an evening out-type of perfume. 


Known to have the highest concentration of fragrance which is generally between 20% and 30%. That in turn makes this the costliest of all the perfume types. In return for the high price, Perfume will last you almost the whole day.

Eau de Parfume (EDP)

This one has the next highest level of fragrance. Fragrance concentration is between 15% and 20%. It’s suitable for everyday wear and will last you a good chunk of your working day. Eau de Parfum together with Parfum makes a good choice for people with sensitive skin, since they contain less alcohol.

Eau de Toilette (EDT)

The most popular types among the bunch. EDT has a fragrance concentration between 5% and 15%. It generally lasts about three to four hours. EDT is also suitable for everyday wear.

Eau de Cologne (EDC)

This variety has a much higher alcohol concentration and a lower concentration of fragrance than the above. Around 4% to 4% It’s short lived, so don’t expect one spray of EDC to last you many hours. Since you need to use more of it, it usually comes in larger bottles.

Eau de Fraiche

Similarly short lived as Eau de Cologne. Expect it to last around 2 hours. Eau de Fraiche has the lowest amount of Fragrance at only 1% to 3%. Although it does not have much alcohol.

When finding the right perfume for you, it is important to take into consideration all these different types. Some you might wear as an everyday Fragrance such as Eau the Toilette, while others are more for a night-out kinda fragrance.


At last, the perfume finder at the top of the page will easily guide you to a few fragrances that match your style and personality.

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