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What leaf blower to buy quiz

What leaf blower to buy quiz

It’s that time of year again, the temperature is dropping, the leaves are falling and covers the grass like a blanket. So it’s time to clean up the debris before winter comes knocking on your door.

Using a rake to gather all the leaves from the lawn or using a broom to clean up your patio or driveway can be really time consuming. Why not go for a more convenient way: using a leaf blower.

As with most modern gardening tools, leaf blowers comes in many variations, and you might be scratching your head thinking which leaf blower to buy? We got the answer. Use the leaf blower finder at the top of the page. It will guide you to the right one for your needs. Down below we’ll take a closer look at all the variations out there on the market today.

best leaf blower

Electric VS Gas

Gas powered

The main selling point for a gas-powered leaf blower is that you can bring it anywhere, and it’s usually more powerful than electric ones. Also, If you run out of gas, you can just fill it up with more gas and keep going. You don’t need to wait for a battery to charge up again.

The main reason that people shy away from gas driven ones is that it’s very noisy. If you live in a neighborhood that might have rules against using loud garden equipment, you should probably avoid a gas-powered leaf blower.

Another thing that turns people away from this type of blower is that it’s often heavier than its electric counterpart. Something to consider, especially if you’re a woman. Weight should play an important role in your decisioning. Are you up for the task of holding a pretty heavy equipment for an hour straight, then this is not so important for you.


Buying an electric leaf blower is a good choice good for people with a small to medium area to clear, and they require little to no maintenance. When we talk about electric leaf blowers, there are two types; corded and battery-powered.

Corded or battery-powered


These kind of leaf blowers are perhaps the best buy for people with a small yard. They’re quite, easy to use, and quite powerful. Not as powerful as gas-powered ones of course.

The main drawback, however, is that you need an extension cord. It’s understandable that not everyone likes to drag a long cable behind them when they work. It can also easily get in the way. Which makes it very impracticable on medium or large yards.


These are the most popular choice out of the three. They have more mobility than corded ones have, and  are not as noisy as gas powered ones. Good for a medium sized yard.

Of course there are some drawbacks to this one too. The biggest one is that you need to keep your battery charged and ready. It can vary from brand to brand, and from model to model how long you can actually use the leaf blower on one charge. Be sure to check the battery life if you’re interested in buying this type.

what leaf blower to buy

Handheld or backpack

When it comes to considering which leaf blower to buy, there are two major types; handheld which you use one or two hands to hold the blower with, and backpack which generally speaking are more powerful and thus heavier. Lets go more into detail on each one.


Typically lighter in mass weight and easy to maneuver in tight areas. Lighter also mean less powerful than its counterpart, but you can also find quite powerful handheld leaf blowers. Although they can be cumbersome to carry for a longer period due to them being heavier.

Handhelds excel in small jobs like cleaning patios or driveways. They can even have a vacuum function which allows you to collect debris.


Often seen as industrial leaf blowers but they are also good for home use if you have a large area to clean. While they are heavier than the handheld ones, the harness spreads the weight to reduce fatigue in your back and arms.

Noise level can also be a factor for some. And as a rule, backpack leaf blowers produce more noise which can be a bother if you live close to your neighbors. We’ll talk a bit about this later.

You can find electric ones but generally these are gas powered.

Special mention: Wheeled

Sometimes referred to as walk-behind leaf blowers. These blowers are made for large yards. These gas driven blowers are very bulky and noisy. They cannot vacuum or shred leaves and is hard to maneuver and push uphill. Only consider this model if you have a large flat yard and enough storage space for it.

Vacuum and Mulcher

Some leaf blowers also offer the ability to suck up leaves and other kinds of small debris. A few also have a mulcher that will cut up the leaves when it’s being vacuumed in.

These types usually come with a bag that the leaves gathers in with a strap that you hang on your shoulder. This can be heavy for some people, so take note on that if you have bad shoulders or back.

You would also need to empty the bag frequently as it fills up quickly, especially if you have a big yard to clean. So a vacuum function would best be for people with small yards or only patios or driveway to sweep.

Noise regulations

Many neighborhoods has some kind of noise regulation that prohibits loud noises between a certain time frame, or prohibits loud noises all together. Some communities have banned gas leaf blowers because they tend to make more noise than electric ones.

Make sure you read up and do some research on what rules applies to you regarding noise levels Rules in some cities across the US can be found here

In any case, you should always be respectful towards your neighbors: Do not use your leaf blower in odd hours and respect others around you.

Hope you’re now equipped with enough knowledge to understand which leaf blower to buy. You can head back up to the page and try our product finder if you’d like.

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