Do you need the watch to have a heart-rate sensor?
Yes, I need that
No, I don't need that



Do you want to be able to see notifications from your smartphone on the watch?



Which of these are most important for you?
Long battery life
Rugged and solid



Which feature do you value the most?
Built-in map
Trackback feature



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GPS watch for hunting

Best Match




GPS watch for hunting - Which is the best for you?


Having a watch on you wrist which helps you navigate when you’re out hunting in the wilderness can be of great help, and even a life saving device in certain circumstances.

What you need is a GPS watch which is the best at what it do -helping you navigate. If you’re out hunting in a location you’ve never been in before, you can focus more on actually hunting instead of remembering where you came from so you don’t lose your way,

A lot of smart wrist devices have a GPS feature now, but we have focused on the best GPS watches for hunting which are solid and really good at what they do. Would you rather have a smartwatch, you can check out our smartwatch quiz. Are you more of an active type you can check out our fitness tracker quiz. Some have a GPS feature but are not as solid as these watches.

How to choose the best GPS watch for hunting

When it comes to choosing the best GPS watch for hunting there are some factors you need to take into consideration.


The watch needs to be rugged. When you’re out in the wilderness, moving through trees and bushes, you need a solid GPS watch. A watch that will not scratch or break be a single twig hitting it. We have taken this into consideration and chosen the more rugged and solid watches made for heavy outdoor use.


You need a reliable GPS feature. This is crucial. This is what you want the watch to do, -keep track of where you are and where you’ve come from. So it’s a must o be able to rely on you watch’ GPS feature to help you navigate terrain. Smartwatches might have GPS, but that is just a feature which is not well made, not something you would rely on. You need a watch which is made specifically for this kind of usage.

All the features you need

GPS watches comes in different shapes and sizes, but also different features. You need to think about what kind of features do you need. Do you need a barometer? How about a compass? Certain things are not something you need in a watch. Focus on what would come in handy for you.

GPS watch brands which is best for hunting

There are mainly two brands which are solid enough for hunting purposes. These two brands are Garmin and Suunto. Both gives you an excellent choice of different models to choose from.


Everyone knows Garmin, a well known producer of GPS systems in cars and even airplanes. When it comes to watches, they have a great selection of GPS watches. From cheaper watches without much features to expensive ones up to $900 which will give you all you basically need from a watch like this.


Suunto is a Finnish company that also makes great watches for hunting. They are mostly in the same price range as Garmin, but doesn’t go as high in max price. They offer many of the same features as are just as solid.

Between these two brands of GPS watches, you just have to chose a price range you would feel comfortable with and then look at the features all of the models between Suunto and Garmin.

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