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Gaming mouse quiz - what gaming mouse should you buy?

Gaming mouse quiz

When it comes to gaming mice there are are a lot of factors that determine what mouse is best for your gaming habits. Especially if you’re an hardcore gamer who play games for many hours every day. Comfort is key.

In this article we will discuss some of the important things to take into consideration when deciding on what mouse to buy.

Before we go any further, we suggest you take our gaming mouse finder test at the top of the page, so you can get an idea of what mouse is best for you.

So let’s get into some of the key points:

Price range

First, you probably have a budget to stick too. Gaming mice can be cheap, but quite a few are even above $100. Cheaper ones might have a worse sensor, so tracking on different mouse pads can be a problem.

More expensive ones tend to have better sensors which improves tracking on your mousepad. But don’t be fooled by brand names. Highly regarded brand mice can also easily break within a year or so.

We suggest you stay in your budget because there are a lot of great gaming mice that works amazingly, and can last you a long time.

What type of game do you play the most?

Think about what type of game you mostly play. Is it FPS, MOBA, MMO, RTS, or are you more of a casual gamer?

Gaming mice are often made for a certain genre of games. Mice for MMOs often have many more buttons, which can easily be pressed with your thumb. The same goes for RTS mice, which is helpful for using macros in-game.

The standard gaming mouse mostly have 5 buttons, left click, right click, middle mouse click, and two on the left side of the mouse, which you press with your thumb.

If you’re lifting your mouse a lot when you play, you would need a mouse where you can control the lift-off range in the mouse’s software. This will help you to control at what height you want the mouse to start tracking your movement. So if you lift your mouse a lot, you would need a low lift-off range.


Not everyone hold their mouse the same way. There are mainly three different type of mouse grip:

Palm grip – where you hold your mouse with your entire hand. The back of the mouse is touching the back of your palm.

Claw grip – Where you hold the mouse like a claw, with your fingertips at the front of the mouse, and a tiny bit of the back of your palm touching the back of your mouse.

Fingertip grip – This is where you basically only use you finger to control the mouse movement. Only the fingertips is touching the mouse.

So take a moment to realize how you’re holding the mouse so that you can choose the most comfortable mouse for your grip style

Ergonomic or ambidextrous

When it comes to mouse design they are split into two categories: ergonomic and ambidextrous. An ambidextrous mouse is one that can be used with both left, and right-handed users. It offers a symmetric surface where you place your hand. This is mostly suitable for claw grip and fingertip grip gamers.

Ergonomic mice are shaped in a way that it will fit your whole hand. Often with a lot of curves. This type is most popular with palm grip users because it slide into your whole palm like a glove. There are also ergonomic mice for left-handed gamers.

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