What kind of smartphone do you use?
Windows phone



What type of activity tracker are you looking for?
An all-day activity tracker
A tracker only for workouts



What type of workout do you do the most?
Weight training



How often do you work out?
Once a week or less
2 - 4 times a week
5+ times a week



Do you need a built-in heart-rate sensor?
I don't need that



How about built-in GPS?
Yes, I need that
I don't need that



Which is more important?
Easy to use
Battery life



Do you need the device to display notifications (texts, calls, alerts etc.)



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Fitness Tracker Quiz 2021: Which one should you buy?


Choosing a fitness tracker – the quiz way

Fitness trackers have taken the market by storm these past few years. Becoming more and more sophisticated and compressing even more features into a small gadget.

But no matter what kind of tracker you need, there is always one that will fulfil you requirements.

We recommend that you use our fitness tracker quiz at the top of the page to easily find a tracker that fits you the best.

You might also be interested in our smartwatch quiz, which also have many of the features an activity tracker offers.

So let’s get into the nitty gritty of choosing an fitness tracker.

Your smartphone’s operating system

To take advantage of every feature the tracker has to offer, you will need to choose according to your phone’s operating system.

Most fitness trackers will work on both Android and iPhones, barring that some features might not work on every device. That’s why it’s important to take your smartphone’s OS into consideration when choosing. That way you are sure every feature will work as advertised.

If you own a Windows phone, there are only a few options for you to choose from. Microsoft has their own tracker called Microsoft Band which works exclusively on Windows phones.

Do I need a smartphone to use a fitness tracker?

No, you do not need to own a smartphone or synchronize your tracker to your phone if you don’t want. The downside to that however, is that you will not be able to see all the stats, and data your tracker collects displayed in graphs. The smartphone app can also store much more data than the tracker can. So data might be lost over time if you do not move it over to your phone.

How active are you?

How often do you work out? If you’re a person that works out 5 times a week or more, you might want an fitness tracker that has more features that is of interest to you.

The downside to this however, is that it uses more battery than some other devices that has less features to boast.

Are you more of a person that goes on walks or light jogging and do not have a strict workout regime, you would be sufficient with less features

A fitness tracker might not track every exercise you do. For example if you’re in the gym and work out with weights, you would need a tracker that track that kind of movement. Not all trackers do that. However all trackers can track distance and time.

Same goes for cycling and running. You would need a tracker that can track those kind of activity. Our finder at the top of the page will guide you to the right one depending on your type of exercise.


There are a lot of different type of trackers on the market now. Some have built in heart-rate monitoring, some are compatible with a heart-rate strap that you put around your chest.

One thing to be aware of, is that devices with heart-rate monitoring capabilities, do often have very short battery life.

The same goes for devices with built in GPS function. But the upside is that you do not need to bring your phone with you when going for a run if you want to track your route.

If a GPS function if very important to you, we suggest you to take a look at our GPS watch for hunting.

Some activity tracker will also display incoming calls, text messages and notifications if it’s synced to your smartphone. If this is not important to you, then there are plenty of trackers that do not have this feature.

Rounding up

Our fitness tracker quiz will surely help you find the best fitness watch for you. Try it at the top of the page if you haven’t already. The quiz will guide you to the right fitness tracker for you in matter of seconds.

If you read through the article then I hope you got a better understanding in choosing a tracker that fits your needs.

This fitness tracker quiz is made by handpicking the best fitness trackers Amazon has to offer. A quiz for finding a fitness tracker is the most easy way to find the best tracker that suits your needs.

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