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Find my perfect mattress quiz

Find my perfect mattress quiz

After waking up yet another morning with a sore back, you might be asking yourself; What is the best mattress for me? Well, we are here to answer that question - the quiz way!

Having the perfect mattress for you can be alfa omega for a good night sleep. Not everyone is created with the same body, not everyone sleeps in the same position so you need to choose a mattress that fits your needs.

How do you find that one golden mattress made perfectly for you? By utilizing out "best mattress for me quiz".

Quiz to find the perfect mattress for you

We've hand picked many mattresses of all kinds, and only the ones with the best reviews so that you can be sure that you get the best sleep possible with out mattress quiz. 

The quiz will guide you through a series of questions that will determine what mattress you should buy, or at least help you on the way of making an accurate purchase.

Want to learn more about how we develop this best mattress for you quiz? Read on and find out what we focus on.

What mattress size is best for you?

Let's say you got no bed frame and you're free to choose whichever size you want, which would you choose? 

The answer to this question is highly subjective. It all depends on how much room you have to fit the bed and how big bed do you really need?

If you're looking for a bed for just one person, a full size bed is probably good. However, if you want some more room to spread out your legs and arms, maybe a queen size is a better option?

For two people you probably need at least a queen size bed. A full size would work if you like sleeping super close, but that can be annoying and slightly discomforting in the long run.

The mattress size is however the first thing you should think about before looking at other aspects that might influence your purchasing decision. We'll take a look at those other things further down below.

The largest of them all, California King size is good for couples with children as it gives enough room for the kids to occasionally sleep with parents without getting uncomfortable.

Mattress sizes list

Bed size

Twin XL




California King


39" X 80"

54" X 75"

60" X 80"

76" X 80"

72" X 84"

There are options out there for smaller beds as well, but they aren't as popular and is mostly used for children's beds. The smaller one being crib size for babies.

Best mattress for me quiz

Your sleeping position related to which mattress you should choose

This is actually the most important factor in choosing a mattress. To find the perfect mattress for you, we've applied extra points to this question in our quiz.

So how can possibly sleeping positions make a difference in choosing a mattress? Let us tell you.

Back sleeper

If you're one of the many people who sleep on their back you need a mattress with a medium firmness. This is because your back needs proper support for correct spinal alignment.

Side sleeper

This is by far the most popular sleeping position. Because you're not laying with your back against the mattress but rather on your side, you need a soft mattress. You really don't want to put a lot of pressure on the side of your body with a very firm mattress.

Stomach sleeper

The least popular sleeping position amongst people. If you're one of the minorities sleeping like this, you need a firmer mattress. This is because you don't want to sink to much down and create an uneven spinal alignment, since your not resting on your back. 

I'm neither of the above. I toss and turn

If you toss and turn a lot during you sleep, the best option is to go for a medium firmness mattress. It's a good all around mattress that will give you enough support in all of the sleeping positions. Though it will never be an optimal mattress.

Sharing a bed with someone who has a different sleeping position

The problem can arise when you're sharing a bed with someone who has a different sleeping position than you. Then what? Do you go for something in the middle? Probably yes. There is no perfect answer here. 

Let's say you sleep on your side but your partner likes sleeping on his or hers back. You need a soft mattress but your partner need a mattress with medium firmness. You can actually find some mattress manufacturer that offers a firmness level in-between medium and soft. This could be the middle ground you need.

Dust mite allergy? Let's fix that

Having dust mite allergy might be awful for those who suffer from it. Waking up feeling like you got a cold is not pleasant at all. There are covers you can buy which help to protect you bed against dust mite making your bed a breeding ground.

Why not drop the cover once and for all and go for a bed with hypoallergenic design. Bed with this design are specially made to keep those pesky dust mites away.

Same with your pillow, buy one that is advertising hypoallergenic. Need a pillow too? Try our What pillow is best for me quiz.

Temperature is important

If you live in a warm, humid area you know how hard it can be to fall a sleep sometimes. You toss and turn, try with the blanket off and on but nothing helps with the heat. 

You can actually find some beds with cooling gel. This help you bed stay nice a cool by not storing all your body heat but rather keeping an airflow through the mattress.

If you live in a cold place, maybe a cooling gel is not the best option for you. You can invest in a electric heating blanket or a heated mattress that is a thin mattress that you lay on top of your existing mattress.


We've introduced you to some of the requirements and bullet points we look at to make this find my perfect mattress quiz.

As you can tell there is quite a few things you need to take into account before deciding. It can also be a hassle sorting out the ones you don't need. It can take up to many hours finding the perfect mattress for you. 

With this mattress quiz, we've made it easy. Head on to the top of the page and try it out for yourself!

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