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How to choose a coffee maker


Are you the type of person that always needs your coffee “fix” in the morning? Is one cup of coffee in the morning sufficient, or do you drink throughout the day? Maybe you’re just a simple person who don’t care so much about features and just want a simple coffee maker?

In this coffee maker buying guide we will go through some of the important aspect when purchasing a coffee maker.

We recommend you to take out coffee maker finder at the top of the page to find the best suited machine for you.

How much of an avid coffee drinker are you?

This should determine how much you are willing to spend on a coffee maker.

Are you one of those who drinks coffee throughout the day? Then you should consider putting a bit of money into it. You don’t need to go crazy and buy one around $200. $50 – $80 should get your a very decent coffee maker.

If you only care about getting your daily morning coffee, and aren’t a big coffee snob, then a low-end coffee maker with few features should be sufficient. Low-end models also brew good coffee, but they lack a lot of features which we will describe later.

Single serve or not

If you live alone or in a household with only two coffee drinkers then you should consider a single serve machine. It takes up less space, easier to clean, and is more practical for one person.

When it comes to single serve types, you can choose from pod coffee machines or regular drip style. There are also a few combi coffee makers that use both types, pods and drip. These are often more bulkier.

Keep in mind, pod type coffee makers are somewhat more expensive because you always have to buy new pods. And more pods equals more waste.

If you’re making coffee for more than two people, then you should go for a larger model. Most models can brew up to 10 – 12 cups.


Coffee makers comes in many sorts. Some extremely simple, with no extra features than turn on and off. Others have a plethora of features. Let’s go through some of them here.

Brew-strength control:
When you turn this feature on, it slows that water flow, which in turn makes a stronger brew.

Pause and serve:
Most coffee makers comes with this feature. It lets you simply pause the brewing and serve a cup before it’s completely done brewing.

Self-serving types holds the coffee inside, acting like a carafe, keeping your coffee nice and warm. You fill your coffee mug right from the machine.

This feature is rather self-explanatory, you set the coffee maker to start brewing a set amount of time from now. The most simplest of coffee makers do not have this feature.

Self cleaning:
Some machines will tell you to add a cleaning mixture, often water and vinegar, to clean the mechanism inside. Other models will simply just remind you that it’s time to clean it.

Built-in grinder:
This feature is for the true coffee lover. The grinder on top of the machine will grind your coffee beans for you. The downside is that the grinder can be very tiresome to keep clean.

Other features:
A few smart coffee makers has in the later years come to life. These are often controlled via wi-fi or other type of connectivity. If the machine is connected to your home network, you can use the app on your smartphone to tell it to start making coffee. Even if you’re not home yourself.

A couple of other models has a built-in screen to display weather forecast. This is done via FM and do not require an Internet connection.

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