Where will you be using the speaker?



Do you plan on pairing two or more bluetooth speakers together?



Do you need it to be splashproof or waterproof?
I don't need it to be splashproof or waterproof



How long do you need the battery to last?
8 to 11 hours
12 to 19 hours
20 hours or longer



Do you want the speaker to have a built-in microphone for use as a speakerphone?



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Choosing the Best Bluetooth Speaker for You

Place it in your living room or bring it with you to the beach. Bluetooth speakers gives you a convenient way of playing your favorite tune wherever you are. But choosing the right one is not always so convenient. …Until now.

We will go through some key points to make your purchasing experience easier. We’ll dive into the specifications and what they mean, and how they are applicable to real life.

If you would rather take the quick route, you can always head up to the top of the page and take our bluetooth speaker finder guide. It will guide you directly to the right speaker for you.

If you’re interested in headphones instead, check out our headphones finder.

Is a bluetooth speaker right for you?

A question you should ask yourself before you start the hunt for one. Even though bluetooth speakers gives you a great sound for the amount you spend, a small portable speaker is not going to give you the same sound quality as a proper 5.1 sound system. Will you only be using it in your home, perhaps you should consider buying a stationary system that will overall give you a better listening experience.

If you’re a person that likes to bring the music with you into the shower or in other rooms in your home, then a portable speaker is what you need. Yes, many speakers are waterproof and can be submerged in water, meaning you can finally sing along with your favorite song in the shower. We will come back to this later.

Most types of bluetooth speakers are made for outdoor use, which means they have a bit of a rugged design. There are however speakers that have a very stylish design to them and can easily fit into a nice home. These are more often than not splashproof or waterproof.

Outdoor bluetooth speakers

When choosing the right speaker, you need to know where you will mostly use it, as we talked a bit about earlier. If you plan on using it outdoors, you will most likely want it to be at least splashproof, meaning the speaker won’t get damaged if it gets in contact with a bit of water.

Best bluetooth speaker systemSplashproof does not mean waterproof. Look for a speaker with a water resistance rating of IPX4 or IPX5 for splashproof.

If you want to bring your newly bought bluetooth speaker to a pool or the ocean, you’ll want it to a be waterproof. This means a rating of IPX7 or IPX8. Meaning the speaker can safely be submerged in water without being damaged. You probably won’t be bringing it with you to the bottom of the pool, so a IPX7 rating (1 feet submerged) will be sufficient in most cases.

You also need to account for the fact that the speaker will be roughly handled, especially if the party gets a bit too wild. Choose one that feels solid and can take a few drops to the floor without breaking.

As the party heads in to the deep night, it is important to keep the music going. Bluetooth speakers battery life can vary a great amount. Some can handle 8 hours of play time which can be enough for many people, and others can last you up to 22 hours.

Most will allow you to play music even while you’re charging.


We’ve talked about water resistance, so let’s delve a bit deeper into the specifications and features of bluetooth speakers.

Directional sound vs 360 degrees sound

Directional sound is probably what you’re most familiar with. It sends out the audio in only one direction. That’s good enough if you place the speaker at the end of a room near a wall.

What if the party is outdoors and you want to place the music in the middle of the party? Well, there are cylindrical shaped speakers that gives out sound in 360 degrees. Evenly distribute sound in every directions so everyone can enjoy the music.

3.5mm audio jack input

Another thing you should look for when choosing the best bluetooth speaker for you is if it has a 3.5mm jack input incase you want to play music from a device that do not have bluetooth.

Pairing two or more speakers

Perhaps you want to wirelessly link up two or more speaker to place in different rooms. Some has that feature where you can pair one or more speakers together. It is however, important that you buy two or more of the same speaker so you know for sure they will work together.

Pause/unpause skip and volume buttons

We recommend that you find a model that has these buttons on them for easy access of controls. If the setting is a party, you don’t want lend people your phone every time they want to skip a song for example.

Connect more than one bluetooth device

Another solution is to connect more than more phone or other bluetooth device to the speaker. Now you and your friends can easily share playlist.

Built-in microphone

Not every bluetooth speaker has a built-in mic, so be on the lookout for that if you plan on using it with Amazon’s Alexa or Dot, or if you want to accept calls from your smartphone and use the it as a speakerphone.