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We match people with products

Zenrima has the goal of matching humans with products fast and easy.

How do we do it? 

We use Smart Shopping Technology to guide our users to the right product. By giving them questions and answers we can quickly guide them to the best possible product for them.

What is Smart Shopping Technology?

Smart Shopping Technology is what we call our way of matching people to product. All products we guide them to are handpicked to ensure that our users get matched with a high quality product. Even if it's a cheap product, it should be good. 

By presenting people with question on how they will use the product they are looking for, and also giving them a set of answers to choose from, we are able to accurately match each of our unique users to the perfect product for their use.

This way of shopping is not just fast and easy, it is also a fun way of shopping. Stop spending time reading reviews and looking and specs to see if a product fits your needs, we've already taken care of that. All you need is to give us some information on how you will use it, and our Smart Shopping Technology takes care of the product sorting.

How do we choose the products?

We take great care in choosing the right products to put in our quizzes. All products should represent the great variety that a product market has. From cheap to expensive, different use cases and features, we make sure to have a variety of products.

All the products in our database are handpicked and therefore has gone through a quality check to see if other people who has also bought that product is also happy with it.

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